Saturday, December 31, 2016


This old quilt was made by Grandma and has see better days. 
With each washing at the end of winter the holes became larger; showing how each piece was stitched by hand and not on a machine. 
Grandma Persons with Dad.
 For years I kept in my sewing box,
glass buttons that belonged to my other Grandmother. 
Grandma Lind and Mom
I had one large glass button and the others were small glass buttons.  

Mom and Dad at Dad's retirement party,
36 yrs. with the Fla. National Guard.
At the top of the Christmas Trees are brass military buttons from Dad's uniform. 
You know how there are extra buttons in little bags when you buy a sweater, jacket, dress or blouse?? 
I found a huge zip-lock gallon bag filled with multi colored and shaped buttons in Mom's closet last month and immediately knew exactly how I was going to use them: Dad's buttons, Grandma's glass buttons and Grandma's blanket - 
This year's Christmas presents for my sister, cousin, and Mom's grandchildren!! 
Touched by three generations and shared
with Family from the Heart!