Saturday, December 31, 2016


This old quilt was made by Grandma and has see better days. 
With each washing at the end of winter the holes became larger; showing how each piece was stitched by hand and not on a machine. 
Grandma Persons with Dad.
 For years I kept in my sewing box,
glass buttons that belonged to my other Grandmother. 
Grandma Lind and Mom
I had one large glass button and the others were small glass buttons.  

Mom and Dad at Dad's retirement party,
36 yrs. with the Fla. National Guard.
At the top of the Christmas Trees are brass military buttons from Dad's uniform. 
You know how there are extra buttons in little bags when you buy a sweater, jacket, dress or blouse?? 
I found a huge zip-lock gallon bag filled with multi colored and shaped buttons in Mom's closet last month and immediately knew exactly how I was going to use them: Dad's buttons, Grandma's glass buttons and Grandma's blanket - 
This year's Christmas presents for my sister, cousin, and Mom's grandchildren!! 
Touched by three generations and shared
with Family from the Heart! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Living in Atlanta, we are able to keep our patio plants and goldfish outside from April to Oct. or Nov. 
The orchids were brought in the first part of October.
Had our first frost last night, so the rest of the plants and Goldie the Goldfish had to come inside for winter!! 
This is Goldie's second winter inside!!
He does a great job eating mosquitoes in the birdbath!! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016


 Being a teacher and getting parents involved is no easy task. Any day of the school year is a Great Day when you invite Parents to Breakfast, have an Open House or have an International Day.  So it was at
In the Real World at the Work Place 
you have, Take your Child to Work and some
have Take your Dog to Work, but few, if any, 
have Take Your Parents to Work!! 

 They offered an awesome breakfast
of donuts, bagels, tea & coffee.

They also fed us a great lunch.

Our Guest Speaker was Grant Imahara from Myth Busters. 

Visited my Baby's desk, by the window : -)).

No bike rack under a tree next to the school building here!  
30% of the MailChimpers ride, walk or take Marta 
to work at the Ponce City Market. They secure their bike in the bike room with showers and lockers provided for those hot, humid Atlanta walk/rides to work.

This is the Atlanta BeltLine made out of bicycle tubes.
The air valves indicate exits on the interstates.

The Art Teacher will be thrilled to know that the ARTS  & HUMANITIES continue into this work place. 

The photos show knitting covering the huge support pillars in the building.
When visiting another school, most teachers enjoy "reading the walls".  
Art work and murals cover ALL the walls;
Giving the MailChimper an office
to brag about and enjoy! 

This mural shows the Diversity in All, yet how we are still connected.
Look closely and you'll note how it's like a flow chart with lines connecting to each figure! 
It was "Awsomeness" walking through
the MailChimp campus,
seeing all the parents at their kid's desk, 
being shown what they do at "work" 
and meeting working friends of the kids.
Thank you Sharon for sitting with me!
 HI to Marti and to Alejandra!!
So very proud of you Baby Girl!! 
Love ya!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


San Agustin de Rough Seas
April 10, 2002 - Oct. 18, 2016
Augie loved the water! 
He loved the out of doors and watching for deer!!
My Aug
Father's Day Fishing Trip 
Augie and his Sissies!!
The Girls grew up and moved out on their own!!
But when they returned - Aug would cry with delight!! 
Full Winter's Coat,
moments before his spring shave down!
Celebrating our Anniversary - 2014
 Everyday, Augie waited at the front door for me! 
Thanksgiving - 2013

Augie jumped into Mom's lap for the photo!
Christmas - 2013


Mom and Augie - 2015
My Heart is broken!!
My shadow, my most loyal friend is gone. 
You loved your family so purely and unconditionally.  
Augie woke up with me,
then watched me out the door. 
When I came home from school,
Aug was always there waiting for me!
He didn't like going to bed alone
so when he was ready for bed,
he'd stand at the office door,
grunting until I went to bed.
Augie was ALWAYS in the family
Thanksgiving & Christmas pictures.
One time - making a flying leap onto Mom's lap!
Already the house is empty and much too quiet!
I miss you Augie! 
I Believe in Heaven, the Here-After for ALL souls!
So Dear Aug,
I look forward to having you by my side
when we meet again!!
Love ya Aug!! 

Sunday, September 25, 2016


 summer flowers
apple cider
cool weather 
hot cocoa
Sadie and Aunt Ashley
hiking in the woods
cool crisp air
red, yellow & orange leaves
hoodies & sweat pants
and the
fireplace a blazing!!!