Thursday, December 31, 2015


You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream!
-C.S. Lewis
Beautiful Moments, Treasured Memories
and all the 
Blessing a Heart can Know!
You and to Your Family!!
Sincerely, Suzan 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


All Families have traditions and even those traditions change over the years as the family grows older and expands. 
 My PERFECT GIFT this year 
was having my Family together for lunch
on Christmas Day.
 The Family numbers have changed with the loss of Dad, 

but has increased with the addition 
of a son-in-law and the precious Grand babies
Mom with Augie

~ Four Generations ~
Dan's son was able to come for lunch and
Mom was able to fly again this Christmas, to make the Holiday complete and
making this the PERFECT GIFT of all -
My Family - all together!! 
I hope that your Christmas Blessings were filled 
with Love and Joy!! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Wishing you Peace, Hope and Love this Christmas
with your Family and your Friends.
As you Reflect on your year,
May the year ahead be full of Happiness & Cheer. 
Merry Christmas
A very Happy New Year,
To YOU! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015


I was excited when I turned 60 because
I could retire if I wanted!!
Now at 62 --
I can receive Social Security –
IF I were to retire!
Wish I could stop aging - RIGHT NOW!!

Just saying. . . .
Thank you Younger Sister,
for the lovely flowers!
Speaking of being OLD -
This is my dear sweet Augie --- he’s OLD!!
He’s 13, and for his size and his breed --- 
my guy is on borrowed time! 

Every morning when I scratch his ears
to wake him up;
he slowly crawls out of his crate in 

our bedroom, stretches, 

 hacks like he smoked 3 packs a day
and stiffly, hobbles to the kitchen!
I tell ya what, everyday,
I’m grateful that God has given me another day
with my Augie.
Augie is teaching me GRATITUDE of TIME!!
This year, I’m having a difficult time! 
It seems to take a lifetime to learn how
to live in the moment!
To appreciate right now, this very second.  

Thank you Danny for the awesome Lobster Dinner and Thank you Kids for our Birthday Brunch!! 
Aging is one of the strangest things that happens to human beings.  It's a process no one can escape - We all grow old. 
My Mom is 85 next month.  She has physical problems that comes with aging, but she lives with a positive attitude.  She enjoys her life.  She is out and about delivering flowers from her church, meeting friends for Birthday luncheons, going to sorority meetings, and attending plays at the local theater. 
I'm grateful for her example in life. 
I have found each decade, each age, has opportunities that weren't actually there in the previous years.   
I do look forward to retiring (in a year or two?) - exploring new interests, spending time with my family and writing about family.  
It's interesting that we spend the first half of our lives collecting "stuff" - a big house, big car, big toys and such. This second half of life, happiness is based on personal success of skills, my talents, humor (lots of laughing), gratitude, helping others, the pleasure of my friends, the love of my family and the joy of love and my faith. 
Aging is an adventure that we're on,
and Time is of the essence.  

Life IS short, make sure to do important things now!
Happiness is a choice, not a condition. 

Think of others - give of yourself!
If I could do anything differently in my life, I would be more compassionate about people in general.
Never, ever go to bed mad! It eats at your soul! 
And lastly - what I want to strive for is to have faith. 
I believe in a "greater being!" I believe in God and life after this life. 
I haven't written this blog to preach to others or for any one particular person. I have written this passage for myself!! If you write something down - you are more likely to follow it, to do it!! 
Every human lifetime has a beginning and an end.
It's how you live your life, right here, right now that becomes your Living Legacy.