Saturday, June 6, 2015


This year's Mother's Day weekend was
action packed for our family, 
With the arrival of Peter!
Weighing in at 8 pds. 11 oz. 
Congratulations Kids on the arrival of your
perfect bundle of love! 
The New Mom and 
the Proud New Dad. 

Sister Sadie couldn't wait to get her hands
onto her Baby Brother. 
Peter's Auntie! 

Our second Grandchild :-}}

Home - one week later.
The wonderment of Life! 
A healthy Baby Boy is nothing less than
a blessing from God above.
Know Peter - that you are loved. 
How time flies - he's now 3 and a half wks.
 Sadie, hang onto Peter before he rolls off! 
(there are two sets of hands out of view :-}}