Thursday, January 22, 2015


We're on our tour of Cabbagetown, Atlanta - 
walking down the middle of Powell St., 
OOOOing and Ahhhhhing over the 
colorful shotgun cottages and bungalows - 
when suddenly we see this. . . . . .
Then we hear two ferocious barking dogs . . . 
Look closely at the picture above and you'll see the snouts of two lovely Great Danes, 
earning their keep and letting us know not to come any closer.
See the massive "wind chimes" hanging in the tree?

Welcome to Mr. Grumpy's house!! 
He has been a resident of Cabbagetown for more than 25 years and he drives around the neighborhood in a golf cart.  
He can't be all bad since everyone talks about attending his backyard parties 
in the spring and summer. 
Let me introduce you to Mr. Grumpy -
the unofficial mayor of Cabbagetown!! 
I see a slight grin on that face :-}}

I am thrilled to take part 
with "Run A Round Ranch Report" -