Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I told Baby Girl what I was doing today;
I got--- "BORRRRING!"
Baby Girl -
In this global world of high speed internet, skype, iphones and social networks, we are loosing who we are --
our family traditions, our family recipes, our family stories, our family blood.

Wendel Hinkle - 1757-1838
In the Revolutionary War
I don't want to compile a book filled with 
only names, birth dates and death dates.
I want you to know your Greatgrand Parents, Aunts and Uncles!
They are no different from you  -
they cried, they loved,
and they laughed. 
Margaret Jane & Lois Elaine Lind - 1936
Did you know that your MeMaw killed a cow when
she was four or five with a two by four?
Did you know that Aunt Frances was kidnapped by
gypsies in England and brought to America to be their servant?

Frank Armstrong Little was 3 when he was taken to Texas to live a short while.
Did you know that according to family history,
your G,G,G,G,Grandfather killed a man in Tennessee
and took his 3 year old son to live
with him in Texas with an Indian Squaw?
Emery Dudley & Jane Terry Nicoson Harbin
Did you know Jane Terry almost married Emery D. Harbin's younger brother?
IF that had happened - you, me, MeMaw and
Grandma Lind wouldn't be here today!
So many stories to tell & share - 
YOUR heritage - YOUR history -
the reason you are who you are today!
Far from being boring, Baby!


Anonymous said...

Where do you find your old pictures? Are they family or do you buy them at antique shops?

Tree Hugger said...

Great meeting you on Sat. Jean!
All my photos are family! My Grandmom's on both sides always took pictures and their folks did too. I love them :-}}

Amy Coffin said...

This is such a great post. You are so right about family history. This is why we do it.


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