Saturday, May 20, 2017


We drove up to Lake Alatoona Federal Recreational Park and Dam to purchase our Senior Pass which is a lifetime pass for US Citizens, 62 years and older. 
The Senior Pass provides entrance or access to pass owner and accompanying passengers in a single, private car at Federal operated recreation sites across the country. 
I read recently that the cost of the pass will go up to $80. by the end of this year.  You can apply on line for $20. if you are not close to a National Park or Federal Recreational Lands. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


SPRING is nature's way of saying,
"Let's party!!"
-Robin Williams

Hello Spring!!
50s in the evenings with 70s during the day.
Moved all the large plants out of the house and will take the orchids out Easter weekend. 
The house always seems larger after getting the tropical plants outside where they belong! 

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Nothing soothes the Soul like a walk on the beach!
Our last visit with Mom,  we walked every morning.
For some reason, walking on the beach and listening to the waves makes everything seem okay again!! 
We really must make this a habit. 

Monday, February 27, 2017


A visit to the white sandy beach!
The Keeper of the Shells! 

Drawing her first heart in the sand!

Daffodils for MeMaw.
The first week of Oct. 2016, Mom suffered a stroke, paralyzing her left side AND she lost her home to Hurricane Matthew five days later.  We are back and forth between Atlanta & St.Augustine in order to care for Mom and to rebuild her home.
Brought my daughter and grandbaby down
this last trip to visit MeMaw! 
Daffodils are Mom's favorite Flowers!
Unbelievable weather for Ocean Fun -
in February!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentines Day!

Tall and Mini Daffodils

Stainglass Daffodils I made in 1981

I thought that spring had sprung too early this year.  But I checked my photos of my daffodils several years ago and they were taken just a week later.
With the Star Magnolias blooming so early though, they are vulnerable to damage by late spring frosts. 
My favorites are the mini Daffodils!! 
Hope your Spring is lovely!! 

Friday, February 3, 2017


Matanzas River - InterCoastal Waterway

The Bridge of Lions

Sunset on the Matanzas River

99 Marine St.
We lived here many, many moons ago!
The house sits on the sea wall and
faces the Parade Ground w/ canons and a flag pole. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016


This old quilt was made by Grandma and has see better days. 
With each washing at the end of winter the holes became larger; showing how each piece was stitched by hand and not on a machine. 
Grandma Persons with Dad.
 For years I kept in my sewing box,
glass buttons that belonged to my other Grandmother. 
Grandma Lind and Mom
I had one large glass button and the others were small glass buttons.  

Mom and Dad at Dad's retirement party,
36 yrs. with the Fla. National Guard.
At the top of the Christmas Trees are brass military buttons from Dad's uniform. 
You know how there are extra buttons in little bags when you buy a sweater, jacket, dress or blouse?? 
I found a huge zip-lock gallon bag filled with multi colored and shaped buttons in Mom's closet last month and immediately knew exactly how I was going to use them: Dad's buttons, Grandma's glass buttons and Grandma's blanket - 
This year's Christmas presents for my sister, cousin, and Mom's grandchildren!! 
Touched by three generations and shared
with Family from the Heart! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Living in Atlanta, we are able to keep our patio plants and goldfish outside from April to Oct. or Nov. 
The orchids were brought in the first part of October.
Had our first frost last night, so the rest of the plants and Goldie the Goldfish had to come inside for winter!! 
This is Goldie's second winter inside!!
He does a great job eating mosquitoes in the birdbath!!