Saturday, October 10, 2015


Sitting on the patio, 
enjoying a cool fall breeze 
with the sun shining;  
I heard a loud buzzing sound coming 
from the elaeagnus bushes.  

Buzzing in bushes, buzzing in trees.
Buzzing around wherever they please.
There's nothing so sweet as a honeybee! 
While taking pictures of these wonderful pollinators, 
this rhyme went through my head 
over and over again, 
as I remembered a former 1st grade class play. 
All the students repeated this poem 
while half of them buzzed around the stage with wings, and the other half stood still with a halo of flower petals around their face. 
At the end of the poem, kinda like musical chairs, 
the bees would stand next to a flower!!
Wonder if my students ever think about this play when they hear the buzzzzing of a bee?

Sunday, October 4, 2015


The other day, one of my students made the comment
that I always wear "Old Lady Pins!"
I had to laugh - 
then I gave him a history lesson
about the pin that I was wearing!! 
The 100th Anniversary Ship for the
Colonial Dames 17th Century
I first started wearing pins in the 70s when I was a very young lady.  Chokers were all the rage, so I took a piece of velvet ribbon, sewed on a hook and eye closure and added on my favorite pin of a turtle with a turquoise shell.  I have been wearing and collecting them ever since.

Hand-tooled leather Butterfly by Ann
from Prague, Czech Republic.
Found on Etsy - Gemsplusleather 

A pin or brooch can be a fabulous work of art, 
and can be found in every possible style.  
Hand-tooled leather Leaf with LadyBug by Ann
from Prague, Czech Republic. 

Found on Etsy - Gemsplusleather

They can be elegant and dressy or fun and whimsical.  
Several of mine are a souvenir of a place we have visited. 

Glass Beaded Mr. Lincoln Red Rose

Rhodium Brooch in Jasperware by Wedgwood.
This represents my two daughters. 

They can be worn on a jacket, sweater, dress
or blouse or added to a bag, a scarf or shawl. 

My Cameo from our trip to Italy in 2005.
A Faberge Egg pin from when we lived
in W. Germany in 1986.

My Black Lacquer pin I bought for 50 cents
while visiting
Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1987.

My Great Aunt Sara's Heart Shaped Crystal Brooch.
Probably my favorite two pins that I wear all the time is Aunt Sara's Crystal Heart and my Malachite Spider. 
Sterling Silver Malachite Spider,
given to me by
my Girl Scouts after a trip
to the Grand Canyon in 1997.

Do you think that a brooch is an accessory
worn by someone "elderly"?
Or do you like to wear a pin or brooch? 
BTW - I do have more -
these are just a few of them!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Finally, the Dog Days of Summer 
are over!! 
Augie has curly, thick, poodle like hair 
and I had to shave him down yesterday so
he would stop panting -
sitting in an air conditioned house!  
He's a big boy, so it usually takes me 4-5 hours 
to shave and clip and clip and shave him down. 
It's exhausting for BOTH of us by the time I'm finished with him. 
I look forward to the Fall weather and 
everything connected to the Fall! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Yesterday was National Dog Day!  
Not sure why we are celebrating it since it's National Dog Day everyday for Augie!!
But I gave him two slices of ham 
instead of one to celebrate.  
He's 13 and he's now deaf.
Like anyone elderly, 
he has his good days and 
he has his sleep-all-day days. 
He has never missed a day of greeting me at the door with a wagging tail and a toy in his mouth!! 
I love my Augie!! 

Friday, July 24, 2015


Summer Vacation has come to an end with my morning coffee on the patio becoming a faded memory.  
The summer "to do" list is shorter than it was in June and instead of blogging & visiting with my blogging friends;
 I've worked in the yard and played with Sadie.
The summer gave us time to visit
my Illinois Cuzzes, 

for Danny's Sister and BIL to visit from Ohio,
and to get lots of Sadie-hugs all summer long.
We celebrated Ashley's July Birthday and
  introduced MeMaw to her new Great Grandson, 

while Sadie learned to play the piano! 

This is what summer vacation is all about - 
The last on my "to do" list!!
Put up on Saturday - Back to school on Monday :-}}
School in July - REALLY???
Spoiling the Grandkids and
making memories that will last forever!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Advice from a Tree! 
-Stand Tall and Proud
-Go out on a Limb
-Remember Your Roots
-Share your Shade with Friends
-Drink Plenty of Water
-Be Content with Your Natural Beauty
-Enjoy the View 
 by Joanne Raphs

A Perfect Summer Day
is when the Sun is Shining,
The Breeze is Blowing,
The Birds are singing and
the Lawn Mower is Broken!
Have a Most Awesome Day!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Wishing each of you a wonderful and safe 4th of July with Family & Friends - 
click on the song

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is my OLD Wax Plant -
the botanical name is Hoya Carnosa.
I bought this amazing plant and several others,
to make my place "homey" in 1974
when I started working

My husband was military, so the three years that we lived out of country, my parents took care of him. 
Other than that,
he's been with me 
through thick and thin!
It's fascinating how all the flowers are different shades of pink to white.
He's a slow grower and goes dormant in the winter.  When the night time temps dip down to 45 degrees, I bring him inside from fall to mid spring.
When inside, he sits on a plant stand in the middle of our bath tub in front of the large picture window.
The next time we update our wills, 
I may have to include my Old Wax Plant!! 


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