Saturday, March 7, 2015


Remember to "SPRING FORWARD" 
this weekend! 

 A gift that keeps giving!
Thank you Mom for the mini daffodil bulbs! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Wary of repeating the disastrous response to Atlanta's Jan. 2014 ice storm last winter where cars, trucks and school buses were trapped on the interstates for more than 24 hours;  we have been out of school for 5 of the last 10 school days!
We watch the national news nightly and it's embarrassing when comparing our winter to Boston's winter, or seeing photos sent from my Cousin in Illinois, or hearing about my SIL's adventures in Cleveland. 
Watching snow falling is a magical event!!
You go to bed to a brown, bare world
and wake up to a winter wonderland.
There is nothing more beautiful than the trees
and bushes covered in snow!  
But, for all of you living in the northern tundra -
 above the Mason Dixie Line - 
the winter of 2015 has gotten way out of hand. 
Let it be said, "ENOUGH!"
Let Spring Begin!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


 Jefferson Davis, Gen. Robert E. Lee and
Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Stone Mountain is probably one of Atlanta's 
most popular attraction. 
The last weekend of January, 
Danny and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary 
by getting away - to the other side of town! 
The entire carved surface measures three-acres,
larger than a football field and Mount Rushmore
 Carving began in 1923 by Gutzon Borgtum.  After carving the head of Robert E. Lee, Borglum had an outburst, was fired and
went on to later carve Mount Rushmore.

In 1928, Augustus Lukeman took over the project
for only one month; but long enough to blow off Robert E. Lee's head, carved by Borgtum.
In 1964, carving resumes and
is finally completed in 1972. 
 We had a wonderfully quiet and 
relaxing weekend away, 
exploring Stone Mountain, 
riding our bikes around the "Rock" and 
walking the nature trails.
You can see Atlanta on the horizon. 
Through out the years, over 7 million cubic feet of granite has been removed from the mountain.  Granite from Stone Mountain was used to build the federal gold depository at Ft. Knox, to build the Panama Canal, the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and is in the foundation of the Lincoln Memorial, to name just a few uses of  Stone Mountain Granite.

Sunrise from our hotel balcony. 

Thank goodness for all the sights to see 
and frequent stops!!
Boy, is it hilly!!
The century-old Grist Mill was moved 
from its original site near Ellijay, Ga. in 1965.  

In 1969, this pine and cedar bridge was 
moved from Athens, Ga.

In the summer, the 732-bell Carillon is played
for all to hear. It was donated by Coca-Cola
after the 1964 World's Fair in New York City. 

In the winter, Stone Mountain features their 
Winter Fest on Snow Mountain.  
They make snow for family fun 
for snowman building and tubing.  

Wish we lived closer so we could purchase a Mountain Membership and enjoy the bike and walking trails year round.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Cabbagetown is a fascinating neighborhood that is rich in local history and art.
The neighborhood is bordered on the north side by a never ending grey wall that is part of the Hulsey Yard, CSX train yard.   
"Living Walls" contacted Cabbagetown Neighborhood Association to allow two artists to paint a couple of  murals, in which they were more than happy to accommodate.

The street art is managed by the Wallkeeper's Committee.

This mural is directly across the street 
from the actual house!!

Detail of the front porch.

You can see the CSX Hulsey Railyard 
above the painted wall.

What I have shown is only a fraction of the Murals painted along these grey walls.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


We're on our tour of Cabbagetown, Atlanta - 
walking down the middle of Powell St., 
OOOOing and Ahhhhhing over the 
colorful shotgun cottages and bungalows - 
when suddenly we see this. . . . . .
Then we hear two ferocious barking dogs . . . 
Look closely at the picture above and you'll see the snouts of two lovely Great Danes, 
earning their keep and letting us know not to come any closer.
See the massive "wind chimes" hanging in the tree?

Welcome to Mr. Grumpy's house!! 
He has been a resident of Cabbagetown for more than 25 years and he drives around the neighborhood in a golf cart.  
He can't be all bad since everyone talks about attending his backyard parties 
in the spring and summer. 
Let me introduce you to Mr. Grumpy -
the unofficial mayor of Cabbagetown!! 
I see a slight grin on that face :-}}

I am thrilled to take part 
with "Run A Round Ranch Report" - 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Jacob Elsas, the owner and operator for the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill built housing for the mill workers, beginning in 1881.  
Those earlier homes were built in the "Factory Lot," but are no long standing.
The oldest remaining homes were built between 1886 and 1892 along Reinhardt St. 
All the homes have front porches.
How else would you get the 
Neighborhood News?
If only this tree could talk! 
Most homes were without 
plumbing and electricity.  

Water pumps were on the back porches 
with the outhouse in the back yard. 
Indoor plumbing was installed in the 1940s and Kerosene lamps and coal heaters were replaced 
in 1950 when the homes were wired for lights.

This house usually has 5 black, feral cats sunning themselves on the porch. There is a local program in which the feral cats are caught, spayed or neutered, then released. The tip of one ear is clipped so the kitty isn't recaptured to be fixed!!  The 5 black cats came with the house and included a bio on each kitty!! 

Housing info. found -


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