Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Since school started at the end of July; 
we are already on our Fall Break this week :-}}
The Silver Comet Trail is built upon a former railroad bed of a passenger train named the Silver Comet and operated by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad from 1847 to 1968. 
The paved bicycle and walking path extends from Smyrna, GA to the Alabama state line 57 miles away. 
Nickajack Creek
When completed, 
the trail will run from Downtown Atlanta 
to Birmingham, Alabama. 
The trail crosses 2 & 4 lane roads, over and beside creeks, along the side of subdivisions, golf courses and by historic ruins. 
These are the ruins of the Concord Woolen Mill located along the Nickajack Creek, built in 1847.
It was one of the first industrial employers in the county and the neighborhood that grew around it was named Mill Grove. 
During the Civil War the mill made Confederate uniforms.  The mill was burned by Sherman's troops on July 4, 1864. 
It was rebuilt after the war and prospered for many years.  In 1889, fire destroyed most of the facility. 
It was rebuilt again and eventually went 
out of business in 1916.
 Cobb Co. Transportation Dept. protected the remaining structure with huge metal beams, called ghost framing, to stabilize the remaining structure.
to the most talented, witty, intelligent, gorgeous husband 
in the whole wide world!!
Love ya Babes!! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I'm enjoying the colors  
to the end of the growing season.
The Knock-Out Roses have kept me 
in fresh flowers all summer long. 
This is my favorite orchid -
from the Miltonia Family

A Brown Cymbidium

Every summer, I have a Begonia growing 
in the fork of the tree.

Every February, Danny cusses the Crepe Myrtle 
as he cuts it back to 36" in height.
But we love the privacy it gives and especially enjoy the color and pollinators that come to visit.
I planted the Black-Eye Susans years ago on the other side of the azaleas and sidewalk.
As the azaleas filled in, 
the Black-Eye Susans have migrated towards a sunnier place.

Last, but not least - 
this is the 2nd summer that I planted 
tomatoes in a pot.  
And it's the 2nd summer 
that I bombed at growing them. 
There won't be a 3rd try;
I'll buy delicious tomatoes 
from the Farmer's Market! 
Going to the Farmer's Market is always 
an adventure anyway!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I have finally found dishware for my Grandbaby 
that isn't made in China.
They are colorful and -
*FDA-approved recycled plastic
*Dishwasher safe
*Perfect for toddlers 
*Non breakable 
*Made in the USA
I found mine in Kroger's, but have been told that 
they are also sold at Walmart. 
Everyone is careful about what the child is eating!! 
But we also need to be concerned about 
what the child is eating on - 
when the food item is hot.
I've run it through the dishwasher 
and am thrilled with mine. 
Re-Play offers a Starter Set that will 
be perfect for Baby Showers and gifts!
Various sets can be ordered directly 
through the company itself.
Check out 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I'm linking up with GOOD FENCES #21!!   ! 
The shrub hides the 
wooden fence which is connected 
to the chain link fence along the side of the yard! 
Good fences and gates protect pooches 
who love to run!! 
Visit TexWisGirl!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Call it a clan, call it a network, 
 a tribe or a family.  
Whoever you are, 
whatever you call it,
Isn't it fun being part of one!
When our kids were younger, 
we would get together every summer.
Now the kids are having kids 
and our gatherings are fewer.
1st Cousins + Mom
3rd Cousins - born one day apart! 
"Like branches on a tree,
our lives may grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one!"
YES!!! We have Family T-Shirts!! 

Beach Baby!

"You don't choose your family!
They are God's gift to you!"

Sister and Hubby
"An ounce of blood is worth more
than a pound of gold!"
Sisters + Baby

"Life affords no greater responsibility,
no greater privilege, 
than the raising of the next generation!"
-Everett Koop


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