Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Wishing each of you a wonderful and safe 4th of July with Family & Friends - 
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is my OLD Wax Plant -
the botanical name is Hoya Carnosa.
I bought this amazing plant and several others,
to make my place "homey" in 1974
when I started working

My husband was military, so the three years that we lived out of country, my parents took care of him. 
Other than that,
he's been with me 
through thick and thin!
It's fascinating how all the flowers are different shades of pink to white.
He's a slow grower and goes dormant in the winter.  When the night time temps dip down to 45 degrees, I bring him inside from fall to mid spring.
When inside, he sits on a plant stand in the middle of our bath tub in front of the large picture window.
The next time we update our wills, 
I may have to include my Old Wax Plant!! 

Saturday, June 6, 2015


This year's Mother's Day weekend was
action packed for our family, 
With the arrival of Peter!
Weighing in at 8 pds. 11 oz. 
Congratulations Kids on the arrival of your
perfect bundle of love! 
The New Mom and 
the Proud New Dad. 

Sister Sadie couldn't wait to get her hands
onto her Baby Brother. 
Peter's Auntie! 

Our second Grandchild :-}}

Home - one week later.
The wonderment of Life! 
A healthy Baby Boy is nothing less than
a blessing from God above.
Know Peter - that you are loved. 
How time flies - he's now 3 and a half wks.
 Sadie, hang onto Peter before he rolls off! 
(there are two sets of hands out of view :-}}

Thursday, June 4, 2015


photo taken by Vintage Street Designs
I FINALLY found a mug rack-
Mugs or glasses Rack
 for our one souvenir
from each journey we take.

I sprayed the rack with black mat rustoleum
since it had been rubbed in spots to look depressed.
Rust was already showing on the edges
of the rubbed areas and
I didn't want rust to eventually get
onto the wall or mugs. 

There's still some room for a couple more trips :-}} 

I found the rack on --
A local boutique and online store by
Joanna S. Gaines of The Fixer Upper
on HGTV. 
It's called, "Cups for Days" Rack - PH HC100.
Love having our mugs out of the cabinet and in full view!! 

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Spring Break this year was an adventure 
to the Florida Keys & Key West!
FUN FACT - The island of Key West was first purchased by John W. Simonton in 1822 from Juan Pablo Salas who had acquired it as a Spanish Land Grant in 1815.  Key West became a US Territory in 1828. 
Latitudes is located on the private island of Sunset Key.  You must go on line to make a reservation and your reservation is actually your launch time, a 10-minute ride to the island on Latitudes' personal boat. You meet your boat at the Westin Marina next to Mallory Square.

This was our last night in Key West.
The sunset (7:30) reservation time slot was booked,
but making an earlier reservation turned out to be perfect.
After our meal, we strolled out onto the dock
and had the dock and glorious sunset to ourselves. 
The restaurant was Beautiful.
Sitting on a private island, arriving by boat and being greeted warmly was memorable.  The views were tremendous, the food was fantastic (no conch fritters here), and the service was impeccable. 
The Lobster Bisque -- OOO La La!
Considering the whole experience,
it was quite reasonably priced. 
Gorgeous setting on a true tropical paradise! 

The fish were jumping everywhere -
notice the splash that I caught!! 

Day is Done, Gone the Sun . . . . 
Our ride back to Key West.
A memorable last evening made perfect by fabulous food and a breathtaking sunset.
(Thank you Sister for this recommendation!!)

Friday, May 29, 2015


Spring Break this year was an adventure 
to the Florida Keys & Key West!
FUN FACT - KW celebrates the sunset every night! 

The BEST Conch Fritters in Key West are on Mallory Square, outside of the KW Aquarium. (Thank you Sister for this valuable information!!)
I had Conch Fritters everywhere we ate and I will vouch that these ARE truly the BEST!! 

Time for Happy Hour and to celebrate the sunset on Mallory Square.  The festivities begin every night before the sunset and continues on after the sun sinks into the ocean.
You'll find live music, local foods, performers and dancing. 

Arrive an hour before the sunset
to get a good seat on the sea wall. 

I kept waiting for everyone to sing -
Day is done, gone the sun.
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky.
All is well, safely rest, 
GOD is nigh!! 
(15 years with the Girl Scouts :-}}

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Spring Break this year was an adventure 
to the Florida Keys & Key West!  
FUN FACT- Did you know that Key West really isn't KW, Florida?
In 1982, the US Border Patrol blocked US 1 searching every car, looking for illegal aliens for several months. With only one two-lane road in and out of KW, the island was paralyzed. Major Wardlow and a local attorney went to the Miami Federal Court, asking them to stop the searches - NO success. Leaving the Court House Wardlow said, "The Florida Keys will secede from the Union!"
And they did!!
If you're interested in the rest of the story, click on --->
to read a brief history about the rebellion and how it continues on. 
To this day, the Conch Republic flag is flown under the US flag and they issue an official Conch Republic passport which is recognized by 13 Caribbean nations, Germany, Sweden, Havana, Mexico, France, Spain, Ireland and Russia! 
We toured many sites, but the two that stood out were The Hemingway House & The Butterfly Conservatory.
The Hemingway Home was originally built in 1851 by Asa Tift for his wife Anna and three children. In 1854, his wife and a son died due to yellow fever. Tift never remarried and died in 1889. The home was abandoned and boarded up until Ernest Hemingway bought it in 1931 for $8,000. in back taxes.
There are approximately 50 cats living at Hemingway's Home.
Almost half of the kitties have the famous "6-toes";
but they ALL carry the DNA gene for 6-toes!
Having 6-toes sure helps when cleaning your face! 

Hemingway, his 2nd wife Pauline and 2 sons lived on the estate from 1931-1940. Hemingway left Pauline, moved to Cuba and Pauline stayed in the house with her 2 sons until she died in 1951. The sons sold their home after E. Hemingway died in 1961 in Idaho.  
Nothing like a "cat nap" on Hemingway's Bed.
The Key West Light House is across the street from Hemingway's House.  This shot is taken from the upper balcony of his home. 
Hemingway took home a urinal from his favorite bar, Sloppy Joe's when the bar was being moved.  He said that he had "pissed away" so much of his money into the urinal that he felt he owned it! Pauline made it into a water fountain for the kitties and decorated it, hoping friends wouldn't know what it once was.
Hemingway's office over the garage
where he did all his writing.

Enjoying the grounds surrounding Hemingway's House.
The Key West Butterfly Conservatory has a marvelous collection of flowering plants, waterfalls and of course a variety of 50 to 60 butterflies with exotic birds in a climate-controlled glass enclosed habitat. 

The butterflies were fluttering EVERYWHERE! 
They would land on your head or shoulder and
you wouldn't be aware that they were there! 

Once the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis,
most that are in the Conservatory,
live an average of about 10 days. 

LOVE this display of orchids on a metal trellis.

Unfortunately, the gift shop did not sell
the metal tree trellis!
Not sure where I would have put it;
but I would have found or created a place for this!! 
I have linked up to Eileen's
Saturday's Critters #76!!
If you like/love Critters, this is a great blog to check out and make new friends!!
Thank you Eileen!! 


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